Mother’s Day Project

We are looking for mothers!

The Digital Storytellers are a Black-owned creative production company led by film director Tristan Barrocks and his wife Natanya Barrocks.  They seek to tell stories that centre around the human experience..

We’re currently casting  4 – to 6 mothers and mother figures (grandmothers, stepmothers, foster mothers, etc.) to participate in a special content piece for Mother’s Day. We intend to capture mothers and mother figures in conversation with other mothers and their children as they discuss honest, vulnerable, and inspiring topics about the nuances of motherhood. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the project or would like to be involved please review the below cast criteria and submit a headshot to

The deadline to submit is Thursday, April 7th @ 5 pm.

IKEA Home Festival | Benny Bing

IKEA Home Festival | Benny Bing

I was commissioned to create a film that showcases the variety of IKEA furniture used in Benny Bing’s creative studio.  This was shot and edited by myself.  The colour grade was done in DaVinci Resolve.


Every home may be different but to us, they all have one thing in common – they’re a place where we can live our best lives. We’ve asked six influential content creators to showcase how they’ve turned their homes into spaces for creativity, joy, comfort, and inspiration. Take a look for more reasons to love being at home.


We are a Toronto-based company that specializes in service-driven digital storytelling. Our goal is to help bring stories alive and connect people with the brands they love. We specialize in content marketing, video, infographics, photo editing and graphic design.



Brown Ballerina

Brown Ballerina

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This film celebrates the power, beauty, and grace of the Brown Ballerina.  Our star Jazmine shares her experiences of falling in love with dance and some of the barriers she has had to overcome.

Footlocker Father’s Day AD

Footlocker Father's Day AD

Jason is a sneaker dad of two young children living in Toronto.  He is a restauranter, sneakerhead, and influencer who is using his platform to engage with other fathers.  Check out his story.

A Letter From The Fathers

A Letter From The Fathers

A Letter From The Fathers is a short film that listens to four black fathers and their expirances being a parnet.  The highs. the lows, and the moments no one really prepares you for.  This little film covers it all in a funny, heartfelt way that will leaving you wanting more.