What We Do

We use human-centred stories as a tool to build meaningful connections with your audiences.

Storytelling is the most meaningful way to build trust with our target audience. Stories give perspective, provide a level of authenticity, and help convey a company’s or brand’s values. When done correctly, stories can be a completely immersive experience.

The Digital Storytellers is a company that is committed to crafting, producing and presenting your story or brand new ways. With over twenty years of experience, we have developed vital practices that consistently provide our clients with tremendous value.

Our Team


Natanya Barrocks, Operations Manager

Natanya joined Barrocks Inc. in the Fall of 2021 as the Co-Owner and Operations Manager. Natanya oversees the business strategy, client and project management, and manages the operations of our most important asset, our People.
With 20 years of leadership experience, Natanya has filled many leadership roles in the retail industry for major retail players. In 2009 she decided to go back to school to pressure a career in Human Resources and graduated with honours with a bachelors in Human Resources Management. Her love for people and a knack for business made the pivot as an HR professional a smooth transition. As an HR professional, she focused on creating a dynamic work environment by becoming an advisor to the senior leadership team while creating a positive work environment for associates.
Natanya is shamelessly obsessed with travelling and loves to plan trips and getaways to any sunny destination. On a Friday night, you will find her indulging in quality time with their two kids, cuddling up with a buttery bowl of popcorn while watching the latest movies on Netflix. 

Tristan Barrocks, Creative Director

With over 20 years of experience, Tristan has been internationally recognized as an accomplished film director, producer, and cinematographer with a focus on digital storytelling which is the art of telling human-centred stories using new media platforms.  He has produced films for established organizations like Ikea Canada, Top Shop, ROOTS Canada and Footlocker Canada as well as worked with internationally recognized brands like Apple, and Foresight Group.  Tristan’s work has been featured in international film festivals and in national campaigns.
His expertise in having a unique and authentic storytelling approach has also opened up amazing opportunities to work with brands like Muna Luchi Bride, which has led him to produce projects in South Africa, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Bermuda,  and all across the United States. 
Tristan continues to develop creative ideas through his company with a desire to tell some of the most important stories in society today. Tristan’s focus on preserving his client’s voice while making genuine connections is his secret sauce.  His skills span from directing projects, scriptwriting, providing cinematography services, editing and colour correction services.

Our Approach


We Listen

We take the time to ask the right questions to understand what the right story is.  Our team is experts at listening to what is not said to help guide our clients to the right outcomes.


We Plan

We invest significant time in crafting the right strategy for each brand we work with.  We break down every choice, every moment, and every detail.


We Produce

We over thirty years in the media industry our team is committed to delivering award-winning content always.  We have pride in the quality of stories we create on time and on budget.